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Title: How to Find Addresses of a Neighborhood for Mailings #OffLineMarketingTools
Post by: admin on October 25, 2017, 11:04:09 PM
How to Find Addresses of a Neighborhood for Mailings #OffLineMarketingTools

Probably much like you, I have clients in certain neighborhoods who are more likely able to afford my services. So I began researching how find addresses of neighborhoods. Once again, much like my free list of marketing, advertising and promotion sites  (,10.0.html), I'm saving you precious time so you can make more money with your business.

The White Pages ( online turned out to be the free answer for me and may be for you.

Directions to Getting Neighborhood Addresses in White Pages Online,13.0.html#.PleaseCopyFromThisLinkUpToShareWithSocialGroups

Go to The White Pages (

Click inside the search box

Go back to the top click address

Type in the address of a client

Clicked search

You'll see some addresses already with names apartment numbers and other important information when you click on the address.

If only map shows up click on list. This happened on my cell phone but, doesn’t seem to happen on a computer. Screen size may be a factor.

Now scroll down and click +More Show more neighbors. In an apartment building it will state residents instead.

You now have a list of addresses for that neighborhood!

Don't Use The Names for Your Mailing

The residents don't seem to be up to date.

Okay Hold On I Know What You're Thinking…

You need this list in a csv format so you can import this into a spreadsheet or database for a mailing list so you can print labels. Well my nickname isn't The Automation Man for nothing! As you read this I'm currently writing on an program to parse addresses and write them to a downloadable csv file you can use to import into a mailing list program. 

Addendum: Kirkham's Neighborhood Mailing List Parser to CSV is Finished!

I Can Post members may now use the neighborhood mailing list generator for free! Your final steps to use the program from the above directions is to copy the source into the program.

From Google Chrome or most any other internet browser

Right mouse click on the page with your neighborhood mailing list

Left mouse click on source or view source whatever your browser calls it

On your keyboard select ctrl a to select all or command a on a Mac.

On your keyboard select ctrl c to copy the source to the clipboard or command c on a Mac

I Can Post members click here to prove your I Can Post members (,12.0.html) and click the link inside the post to get to the program. If you’re not an I Can Post member you’ll be redirected to these directions.

Click inside the box for source

On your keyboard press ctrl v to paste the source into the box or command v for a Mac.

Place the city, state and zip code in the appropriate boxes

Click submit

Download the generated csv (comma separated value)

Import the file into a spreadsheet or mailing list program

The csv file is not saved so download it right away.

Free Marketing and Mailing List Tip

Avery label makers ( has a free program online to import your mailing list and print your mailing labels.

Kirkham’s Online Neighborhood Address Parser is Free

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Still Here? Here’s How to Use The Mailing List Service and Get Access to Free Marketing Tools

Along with the directions above

Register (

Wait for the email to arrive. Check your spam filter if it doesn't arrive within a reasonable period of time

Open the email. Click the link inside the email to activate your account. This helps to deal with spam bots sorry for the extra step.

Login (

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Build your neighborhood mailing list by clicking here (,12.0.html)

Questions? Email me



J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Title: Re: How to Find Addresses of a Neighborhood for Mailings #OffLineMarketingTools
Post by: admin on January 03, 2018, 06:54:06 PM
Found a little bug in WhitePages. If you're doing a reverse address search for an address with dashes in it delete the dash and the space. The search results will show the dashed addresses,13.0.html