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HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

A full-color introduction to the basics of HTML and CSS from the publishers of Wrox! Every day, more and more people want to learn some HTML and CSS. Joining the professional web designers and programmers are new audiences who need to know a little bi...

Source: HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

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How to Target Keywords Without Making a Whole New Web Page by Rick “The Automation Man” Kirkham of Custom5DollarWebsites #FreeSEOTips #FreeAutomationTips

I’ve been getting a lot of local custom web design business here in Honolulu Hawaii. Even local businesses here on Oahu that already have a website are seeing the advantage of a website pointing to their own website which constantly adds on topic content for local search engine optimization (local SEO) as well as offering multiple income streams to increase profits passively without taking more time out of the busy business persons day.

This Created a Need to Market More to Honolulu Businesses

However, if you’ve ever done multiple web pages with basically the same content and just tweaking keyword phrases to help get near the top of the search engines for those keyword phrases, you know what a pain it can be to update each page separately whenever you make changes. You might change payment services. You may decide a  word or a phrase could increase your sales but, then you have to do the same thing on the next page as well wow keeping the keywords at your tweaked.

The Automation Man To His Own Rescue

Let me say if you don't know any website code which is called HTML, you're really doing yourself a disservice. If you depend completely on menus and a graphic user interface to decide what you can do with a website you are losing money for what you've invested in a website. Hire someone like me and in the meantime start learning HTML and what goes on behind a website.

So Here's What I Did To Mirror The Website

I did something here most coders don't do which is I showed you the entire code that I use to make my web page. Now I didn’t feel comfortable using my real variable names or real links, but you’ll get the idea.

Please Copy From This Link Up To Share With Social Groups

Code: [Select]



function get_string_between($string$start$end){
$string ' ' $string;
$ini strpos($string$start);
    if (
$ini == 0) return '';
$ini += strlen($start);
$len strpos($string$end$ini) - $ini;

file_get_contents_curl($url) {
$ch curl_init();


$data curl_exec($ch);


/////////////// VARIABLES TO CHANGE

$yourvar1='More keywords';

$yourvar2='yourwebpage ';





$yourvar8str_replace(array("\n""\r"), ' '$yourvar7);








The main functions I used was to get a string, which is a series of alphanumeric characters, between two other strings. I also used a curl function to grab the entire main web page.

I then used the string replace PHP command to add the keywords to the new web page.

I had a little trouble with the repeated title as the Word Doc I converted left a carriage return. So I used the string replace feature to remove the carriage return. It worked but, If you look at http://Custom5DollarWebsites.com you’ll note the little slide-in to get Twitter followers. That got broken by removing carriage returns. So, I only removed carriage returns between the end of the script tag and the end of the body tag.

That Did The Trick!

Now whatever changes I make to the main page for Custom5DollarWebsites.com are reflected in the local keyworded version of my web page to attract more local business. The great thing is I can have multiple web pages stressing different keyword phrases and any changes I make to the main web page will be mirrored on any web pages with this code!

Contact Me if You Have Questions

Or would like to hire The Automation Man to automate anything for you.


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.
Donations https://www.paypal.me/inhomecomputerhelp

A full-color introduction to the basics of HTML and CSS from the publishers of Wrox!
Every day, more and more people want to learn some HTML and CSS. Joining the professional web designers and programmers are new audiences who need to know a little bit of code at work (update a content management system or e-commerce store) and those who want to make their personal blogs more attractive. Many books teaching HTML and CSS are dry and only written for those who want to become programmers, which is why this book takes an entirely new approach.

Introduces HTML and CSS in a way that makes them accessible to everyone—hobbyists, students, and professionals—and it’s full-color throughout
Utilizes information graphics and lifestyle photography to explain the topics in a simple way that is engaging
Boasts a unique structure that allows you to progress through the chapters from beginning to end or just dip into topics of particular interest at your leisure
This educational book is one that you will enjoy picking up, reading, then referring back to. It will make you wish other technical topics were presented in such a simple, attractive and engaging way!

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Free Facebook Essentials Ebook for all I Can Post Members

What is Facebook? ... 3How Joining Causes on Facebook could Boost Business .............................................................................. 4How Joining Causes can help your Business: .......................................................

Source: Free Facebook Essentials Ebook for all I Can Post Members

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What is Facebook? ... 3
How Joining Causes on Facebook could Boost Business .............................................................................. 4
How Joining Causes can help your Business: ............................................................................................... 4
About Facebook Advertising ... 5
Advertise for your Business on Facebook by Updating your Status ............................................................. 6
Become a Fan of pages on Facebook for Business ....................................................................................... 7
Create a Group Page on Facebook for your Business .................................................................................. 7
Create an Application on Facebook for your Business ................................................................................. 8
What else can Facebook do for your Business? ......................................................................................... 10
Facebook Events and how they are Effective ............................................................................................ 10
Facebook versus Twitter for Business ... 11
Gain Fans of your Business on Facebook ................................................................................................... 12
How adding friends on Facebook can help your Business ......................................................................... 13
How Facebook can be used in Viral Marketing .......................................................................................... 14
How Facebook can expand your Business ................................................................................................. 15
Why you should use Facebook for Business .............................................................................................. 16
How Secure is Facebook? ... 17
How to Promote your Facebook Page ... 18
Invite Friends to your Facebook page ... 19
Join Groups on Facebook that are Relevant to your Business ................................................................... 20
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook ...................................................................................... 21
Use Facebook Notes for your Business ... 22
2Using Facebook in Marketing ... 23
Using Facebook in Marketing ... 24

After Joining The I Can Post Group 

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It Works! How I Got GetJobsHawaii Ranked in The Search Engines by sales-psychology expert, online and offline marketing consultant, SEO and local SEO specialist, author, automation expert and website designer and builder J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.  #FreeSEOTips

For a new service for Hawaii job seekers and employers wanting to list their help wanted ads this website is doing pretty good.

Here's the Two Most Interesting Things I Did to Get GetJobsHawaiidotcom a High Search Engine Ranking

 Social Media

I made a Twitter account which isn't even finished yet. I use my domain name for a username and keywords for my actual name.

I created a Facebook page which isn't completely done yet either. I want to add a video for the banner and I'm presently working on that.

Both of these social media Pages have showed up in the search engines already.

But That's Not The Really Cool Thing Rick “The Automation Man” Did to Get GetJobsHawaiidotcom Ranked in The Search Engines

Please Share With Social Groups By Copying The Link On Up

I have a web page in which I list all of my services and products. The first thing I did with this products and services page was to set up some automation. I wanted to be able to use it as a full web page and a menu along the side of my other web pages. However, to use it as a menu along the side of my other web pages and websites I had to get rid of the graphics and the videos along with the CSS. It took a little figuring out but basically my code checks to see if the website address is the full web page and if it is then it displays the videos, graphics and stylesheet, otherwise it displays text only.

 The very few business people who are also website designers and SEO experts, have multiple websites or at least multiple domain names. Most of my domain names are for my in home computer tutoring, computer repair and virus removal business here in Honolulu Hawaii where I cover all of Oahu.  I used to have these urls (website addresses) going to the same website address. As I got better with online programming and PHP,  I used a few lines of code to mirror my main website. I know all the wannabe SEO experts just started shouting duplicate content due to their misunderstanding of Google's search engine algorithm, but all of my computer service websites are ranked in Google.

With a few more lines of code each one of these websites including my online and offline marketing websites, I included the services and products website as a menu in each one of my websites. Recently I added GetJobsHawaiidotcom  to my services and products menu and web page.

I Was Happy to See

My new website to help employers in Hawaii find help and the people of Hawaii seeking jobs was ranked on the search engines because of the menu in several of my websites!

Obviously I'm For Hire to Help You Automate Your Menus and SEO

Or if you have the skills, don't be afraid of Google to try it out on your own now that you have the voice of experience telling you that it works. I recently developed an entire website system setup very similar to this which you can find at http://Custom5DollarWebsites.com  This set it and forget it automated Income and automated SEO  website design is now available for the insane price of $5 per month. So far as an introductory offer I don't even have a setup fee and you get a free domain. You can see how such an extraordinary offer has a limited life span.

 Have fun marketing and enjoy your business,


Rick “The Automation Man” Kirkham

* Earn trust by having your own website address

* Stand out from the crowd selling the same products or services

* Be different from those using company websites or "free" website services

* Make more money online or in your local business

This Automated Website Design

$ Saves you time through automated on topic content

$ Creates stickiness (visitors return to your website) through automated on topic content

$ Makes you money through automated offers on each automatically generated web page

$ Creates an index of on topic content with money making offers

$ Comes with a search engine keyworded domain name (website address) to help you get higher in the search engines for the search terms people use to find your website

$ Raises your website higher and higher in the search engines automatically

$ Generates it's own feed to allow for easy setup of automatic submission to social media

$ Has social media buttons along the side to share both your main sales page and generated on topic content

$ Guarantees that visitors will use your affiliate, mlm, network marketing or direct sales link to make sure you get paid

$ Gives the website presence a small local business needs to compete

$ Fills SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gaps for large businesses

What If I Don't Get My Own Website?

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#FreeAffiliateMarketingTips  shared  by sales-psychology expert, online and offline marketing consultant, SEO and local SEO specialist, author, automation expert and website designer and builder J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 

There are plenty of ways to promote an affiliate program to make money online.

These include promotion via blog posts, webinars, reviews, videos, through emails and on social media. But no matter which method you select, there are proven preselling tactics you can use to boost your conversions.

This checklist reveals these surefire tactics to you. Take a look…


Share Something Not Found On The Sales Page
If you tell your prospects the exact same information that they can find on the sales page, then they don’t really have a reason to check with you before they buy a product. That’s why you need to read and review all products before you promote them, and then share information not mentioned on the sales page.

For example:

Share a screenshot or picture of the product that really captures the product.

Do a case study to prove that the product works.

Share information about new ways to use the product, or how to make the most of its features.

Let prospects know about the product flaws. (More on that in a moment.)


Turn Liabilities Into Assets
No product is perfect. You know that. Your prospects know that. So if you write glowing reviews that don’t mention any product flaws, then your “review” is going to come across as a completely biased ad. And your prospects are going to lose a little trust in you.

So here’s what you do instead: tell the whole truth about the product, including its flaws. This accomplishes two things:

Your prospects appreciate your honesty… which leads to them trusting you… which leads to more sales.

Revealing product flaws gives you chance to turn those flaws into assets. For example, if an ebook seems relatively short compared to similar products, you can turn this perceived flaw into an asset by saying it’s a “no fluff, no filler” book for busy people.


Showcase the Benefits
No matter what kind of content you’re creating, from a review to a hard-sell direct-response ad, your prospect is going to read it with one question on their mind…

“What’s in it for me?”

Your content needs to answer that question. And you do that by showcasing the benefits of the product.

For example: “The titanium casing on this laptop is tough and durable, so it protects your most valuable data if you drop the laptop.”


Handle Objections
No matter what you’re selling, your prospect is going to be looking for a reason why they shouldn’t buy the product. These are called objections. You need to raise and then handle the most common objections in your preselling content.

Here are three common objections and how to handle them:

“This won’t work for me.” You can handle this objection by:

Offering testimonials.

Showcasing the money-back guarantee (where applicable).

“I don’t believe the sales letter.” You can handle this objection by:

Building the vendor’s credibility. Share what credentials and experience he or she has.

Share your own review of the product. This works particularly well when you’ve already established a good relationship with your prospects.

“It’s too expensive.” You can handle this objection by:

Justifying the price. You may show how other options are more expensive. For example, if you’re selling premium PLR content, you can point out that hiring a ghostwriter would cost ten times as much.

Showcasing the bonuses. This includes the vendor’s bonuses as well as your own. Show what a good deal it is.


Add Value to The Offer

You probably have a lot of competition out there. The vendor is selling the product. Perhaps dozens of affiliates are selling the product. So you need to stand out. You need to give your prospects more bang for their buck.


By adding value to the offer. This means you give a free bonus product or service to anyone who purchases the offer through your affiliate link. For example:

If you’re promoting software, offer free installation.

If you’re promoting a dieting course, offer a free low-calorie cookbook.

If you’re promoting a copywriting course, offer a free sales letter critique.

If you’re promoting an autoresponder service, offer a course on email marketing.


Craft a Call To Action
When you get to the end of your review, product comparison, direct ad or other preselling piece, be sure to offer a call to action. This is where you specifically tell people to click the link and take action.

TIP: Don’t use your direct affiliate link. Instead, use a redirect link through your own domain. For example, a link such as yourdomain.com/nifty-offer/ redirects to your affiliate link.

Why do this? Because if the affiliate program ever closes down, moves or you simply do not want to promote that product any longer, you can simply change the link to a different offer. That way, you don’t have thousands of dead links floating around in lead magnets, old blog posts, old videos, etc.

And finally…


Use Attention Bars
Now here’s a nifty little trick that a lot of people don’t know – but those who do know about it are pulling in nice commissions.

If you’re promoting a vendor which allows you to use iframe technology, then you can actually overlay an attention bar (AKA notification bar) on top of the vendor’s sales page. This floating notification bar is a great place to emphasize the bonus you’re offering to those who buy through your link.

One really good way to start pocketing commissions is adding value to the vendor’s offer. In other words, give away an exclusive bonus for those who buy an offer through your affiliate link.

But here’s the catch: just going through the motions of adding a bonus to the offer isn’t going to boost your commissions.

You need to create something that’s going to get people clicking on your affiliate link.

These are the secrets to creating a bonus that generates more sales — ask yourself these questions…


Is the bonus highly desirable?
Here’s the deal: if people don’t want your bonus, then your bonus does absolutely nothing to add value to the offer. That’s why you’ll want to do your market research to find out what your prospects really want. If your prospects are already buying similar products, then you know they’ll jump at the chance to get your version for free as part of the vendor’s offer.

TIP: Check marketplaces like Amazon.com, Google Play store, Apple iTunes store, ClickBank.com and JVZoo.com to see what products are selling well in your niche.



Is the bonus valuable?
Again, the idea here is to add value to the offer. Just because you’re giving this bonus away for free doesn’t mean that it should be worth very little. On the contrary, your bonus should be valuable – something you could easily sell.

Heads up…

The key here is to offer something valuable without going overboard. For example, if you offer a bonus that’s worth way more than the main product, it’s going to create skepticism. People are going to think the entire offer is junk if they can get so much for so little money. Or they’re going to wonder what the catch is.

When in doubt, offer a bonus that’s valued between approximately half the price of the main offer up to the price of main offer.

For example, if the price of the vendor’s offer is $100, then you can offer a bonus that’s valued at $50 to $100.



Is the bonus highly related to the main offer?
In order to help move people towards the order button, your bonus should enhance the use and enjoyment of the main offer.

In other words, don’t just toss any product into the mix. Instead, create something that is a good fit for the main offer.


Is the bonus easy to deliver?

To make this process as hands free as possible, it’s a good idea to focus on delivering digital bonuses. In fact, with certain affiliate platforms (such as JVZoo) you can deliver these bonuses automatically. Just upload the bonus, and JVZoo will deliver it whenever someone purchases through your affiliate link.

However, in some cases you may decide to deliver something manually, such as a service. However, be sure to reserve these sorts of time-consuming bonuses for high-ticket offers where you believe the service-related bonus is the BEST way to boost conversions.

Here are examples of valuable services you might offer alongside premium products:

Plugin, software or app installation and customization. For example, if someone orders a blogging course through your link, you might offer to set up and customize their WP blog.

Personal coaching, critiques and feedback. For example, you promote a resume-writing course, and then offer free resume critiques.
Again, since these sorts of bonuses are more difficult to deliver since they take time, you need to weigh the potential conversion boost and commission rate to decide if it’s worth offering a service.



Will customers reference the bonus often?
The next thing you need to consider is if you’re creating a bonus that people will look at repeatedly. The reason for this is twofold:

The more they reference your bonus, the more often they’ll see your links and calls to action. (More on that in just a moment.)

The more they reference your bonus, the higher their satisfaction with the product. This means the next time they go to buy a product in the niche, they’re going to check with you first to see if you’re offering a bonus.

Here are examples of items that are likely to get referenced often:

Support forums/groups.

Membership sites.

Software and apps.

Tools such as checklists, gear lists, templates, worksheets and cheat sheets.

Demo videos (e.g., exercise videos).
And finally…


Is there a backend income opportunity in the bonus?
While your bonus’s primary purpose is to convince prospects to buy an affiliate product through your link, its second purpose is to generate even more sales for you on the backend. That’s why you’ll want to insert an offer and a call to action.

For best results, follow these best practices:

Be sure the backend offer is a popular, in-demand product. Again, do your market research. This could be your own product or another affiliate offer.

Be sure the offer is highly related to the bonus, so that anyone who uses the bonus will naturally want this backend offer too. E.G., If the bonus is a set of kettle bell training videos, then the backend offer might be a set of advanced training videos.

Share the benefits of the backend offer. E.G., “You’ll get 101 delicious low-calorie recipes that the whole family will love!”

Provide a call to action. This is where you specifically tell people to click on a link and check out the backend offer. E.G., “You too can boost your conversion rates – click here to get started now!”

Parting Thoughts
Creating a highly valuable, related and in-demand bonus is a great way to incentivize people to purchase an offer through your affiliate link. Even better is if you insert a backed offer into the bonus, which in turn generates even more profits for you!

Looking for An Affiliate Product EVERYONE Needs?

Make Money Working from Home as an Affiliate for The Big Plain English Computer Cell Phone and Tablet Help and Tips eBook


Source: http://operationquickmoney.net/the-checklist-to-winning-the-affiliate-game
7 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2018 #FreeMarketingTips  shared  by sales-psychology expert, online and offline marketing consultant, SEO and local SEO specialist, author, automation expert and website designer and builder J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 

Mobile Video
It’s been predicted that in 2018, people will spend about 36 minutes watching videos on their mobile devices, where they’ll spend just 18.5 minutes on non-mobile devices. That’s reason alone to invest in mobile video content and mobile advertising for your brand. With different formats for mobile video ads, there are a variety of ways to engage with your audience, as well as get them to click to your website from the device that has their attention throughout the day. Remember less is more, keep videos under two-minutes to gain traction.

Mobile SEO
This is far beyond having a responsive website. It’s a given that your website design will adapt based on the device it’s being viewed on. Mobile SEO is about how your mobile website focuses on core ranking, indexing and leveraging mobile keywords. Keys to success are the following:

Focus on relevancy, usefulness and authority
It must download quickly
Create a mobile index
Fix mobile-friendly errors
Do mobile keyword research and content creation
Also know that in 2018, Google will rank search results based on the mobile friendliness of websites too, so if you’re planning on updating your site keep mobile top of mind.

Mobile Search
You may have optimized your website for desktop searches, but you’ll need to take another gander to make sure it’s mobile friendly in terms of search, too. Because so many searches for local businesses happens on mobile devices with intent to buy, it’s imperative that your website content uses keywords to attract local customers. Consider long-tail keywords, that include the neighborhood your business is located in within those keywords.

Also know that voice search is huge with mobile, so people are searching differently. Rather than typing in “restaurant best steak Philadelphia,” a user might voice search with Siri, Amazon Echo or Google Home “What’s the best place to get a cheesesteak in Philly?” Knowing this, you can use these semantic search phrases in your SEO to better reach your mobile audience.

Mobile Apps
Mobile apps have been all the rage for years, and they’re not going anywhere. While not every business needs to invest in the expense of designing an app, they can be beneficial for many industries including restaurants, lifestyle bloggers, fashion, art, health and fitness, and of course productivity/software businesses. But your app better be worth it. People aren’t willing to give up precious data to a hog app that runs in the background.

Before diving in, ask yourself what your purpose is in building an app. How will it better serve your customers? Are you prepared to invest in marketing the app to boost users? What’s your end goal? Having a mobile app strategy will help you be successful in this endeavor.

In-App Mobile Content
You may be focusing on creating great content on your blog, but you need great mobile friendly content too. Why? Because Google now searches apps for content and shows it in search results.

Having valuable and up-to-date content in your mobile app may help you attract more app users and customers simply because Google will acknowledge it, so divert some of your content marketing efforts to that mobile app.

Mobile Gamification
Whether you want to boost use of your mobile apps, get people to redeem mobile coupons, or have users share your content on social media, mobile gamification can help.

People like challenges. Imagine a marketing campaign where you enter anyone who opens your app every day for two weeks into a drawing for a vacation. Or giving a coupon to anyone who shares your content on Facebook. By requiring people to make tiny efforts, you can have a huge impact on your mobile marketing.

Mobile Ads
Mobile pay-per-click ads can help you connect with the millions of smartphone users who are searching on their phones for businesses — especially local ones.  Beyond mobile video ads (which should be no more than :15-:20 seconds) are growing in popularity. There’s growing interest in Google shopping ads which are pay-per-click ads that allows you to show up in Google search results even if your target is blocking ads. Facebook ads, are now mobile friendly, and can help you boost engagement of your Facebook page through mobile use. With over two-thirds of Facebook traffic being mobile, there is far more available inventory to optimize.

There are other mobile ad options to consider, like banner ads, retargeting ads, display ads within app content or on mobile websites. The key is: go mobile with your ads, because that’s where your audience is.

If you truly care about reaching your target audience, don’t ignore mobile. Instead, choose one or more of these up-and-coming mobile marketing trends and see how they affect your bottom line. You may just find mobile to be the next marketing boost for your business.

Source: https://succeedasyourownboss.com/7-mobile-marketing-trends-2018/
How I Automatically Changed a Table of Contents Menu for My Websites by Rick “The Automation Man” Kirkham ComputerHelp808@gmail.com

I work hard to be lazy and to help others be lazy while marketing, advertising and promoting in my ability to write online automated apps for my programming, website clients and myself. So I knew it was time to compile all of my services and products into one web page and use it on all of my websites and web pages, BUT, I HAD A PROBLEM...!

What Wasn’t My Problem

Getting the content into a variable and calling it to the web page takes two lines of code. I’m telling you folks, onlines programs such as WordPress and the free menu driven websites ARE LIMITING what is possible to do with websites. Please stop buying into the hype of expensive advertising and bandwagon advertising and consult an expert such as myself in automation and website design. Your time is money.

Code: [Select]





That’s all that takes! I actually use something called curl but, for the purposes of demonstrating simplicity I'm using a single line command.

So What Was My Problem?

I wanted prospective customers to be able to visit the whole page of services. The problem was the page had to be pretty plain looking to fit in the right side column (using something called a floating div) and it looked horribly unprofessional in full view. Yes even worse than the free website generators you see that are popular right now.

So I used a code to read the url which is the website address. I figured since the menu of products and services was on a different web page I could use the difference to determine whether or not design and graphics would appear. IT DIDN’T WORK!

So I Used an Old Trick to Track Your Online Marketing and Advertising

I placed a ?blah at the end of the website address when I was calling it from another web page. Now when my script compared the two urls they were different and the menu on the side was plain text while the stand-alone web page menu of services contained graphics, videos and some style work.

Why Didn’t I Just Make Two Copies of The Same Menu?

Because there’s no reason to do twice the work!

Because confusion as to which web page was the latest is possible.

Because the menu could be found accidentally on search engines. Like I said it looked horrible plain in full view.

Because my programming and website design clients call me “The Automation Man”

That’s It!

Your lesson, hopefully, in this is to take advantage of the FULL POWER of your REAL non-subdomained website and utilize your time to create new products and service AND to market offline while letting automation take care of your website design,content, marketing, advertising, and promotion.

Enjoy your website and spare time,



Rick “The Automation Man” Kirkham.

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