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4 Powerful, Flexible, Automatic Income SEO Websites from Which to Choose #UniqueWebsiteDesign

My Two Most Powerful Flexible Automatic Income and Automatic SEO Website Designs

Perfect for:

* Local Businesses

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* Automating Your Business Marketing

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* Automating Social Media Posting to Increase Traffic and Sales

* Improving search engine ranking making it easier for prospective buyers to find you

  Unique, powerful automated website designs to make you money online, improve search engine optimization (SEO) for your website and even be a primary, powerful, flexible website for beginners and gurus.

Automated SEO and Income Website

Your own domain (website address) selected for search engine optimization purposes!

Optional additional advertising revenues go to YOU!

Optional ability to allow paid posting on your website as an additional income for you!

Flexible forum style 

Easy to navigate 

Automatic on topic content for search engine optimization and sales of your products and services

Sales pitch for your products or services after each automated post 

The option to post your own sale pages, articles and press releases 

Prospective buyers may subscribe to your website

Automatic notification of new posts to subscribers to create stickiness 
Built-in feature to email your subscribers

Built-in feature to send private messages to individual subscribers 

Built-in feature for subscribers to email your posts to other people

Social media buttons so you and your visitors may promote your posts with your sales message even further 

Mobile friendly 

Immediate feedback of popular topics through visitor click count 


$34.00 per month  Pay with PayPal or Credit Card        

For a limited time - Get six months of hosting, help and management at a very low price!

That's right! Only $174.00 for six months for the SEO AND AUTOMATED INCOME WEBSITE!

You DO NOT need a PayPal account to subscribe. Just use your credit card on PayPal's secure servers BUT, if you’re going to conduct business online then do yourself a huge favor and get a PayPal account

Cancel whenever you want to give up or someone convinces you that you cannot make money online        

Unique Customized Automated Income SEO Website

Should be used as a main website. 

Web page in the front of your forum to increase attraction and single product and service sales. The forum continues to work in the back to give you a very powerful, flexible automatic income and SEO website.

Choice of any categories you wish in the forum part of your website

The rest of the features already listed!

$1495.00 setup and design. $34.00 per month hosting and management. Use PayPal or credit card        
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Automated Prospect Search Based Website - BRAND NEW!

GREAT for representing multiple products such as with a large mlm or network marketing company. A quick note about this. I know they give you a website. I have one too, but check out what this does.

Two income streams with more if you want more on each automatically generated web page!

Prospective buyers may search their interests.

A web page is generated BASED ON PROSPECTIVE BUYER’s SEARCH!

Build a following! Twitter, email subscription, or other ways to build a following is included in the generated page.


$1495.00 setup and design. $34.00 per month hosting and management. Use PayPal or credit card        
Cancel whenever you want to give up or someone convinces you that you cannot make money online       

Get A REAL Custom Multi-Income Website for $5.00 Per Month!

What’s a Fake Website?

A website which depends on another website to exist. It’s actually referred to as a subdomain.

They’re unprofessional
Do not inspire confidence
Do not motivate the visitor to spend money.
Let me give you an example,
Please Share With Social Groups By Copying The Link Up

Ok, I'm Interested What Do I Need?

You need a PayPal account for the passive income options

An open mind and willingness to succeed, not an excuse to fail.     

A go getim attitude to get started right away. There's always something going on where you may feel you should wait for a better time. THAT’S THE TRAP! Break the chain that creates this loop of waiting and wishing and DO SOMETHING NOW! Order your selection above and create action, not just thought!


Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu call or text Sales-Psychology, SEO, and Unique Website Design Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 224-1870 The rest of the U.S. may text me at  Text 808.224.1870 The rest of the world email

Here's an idea to increase neighborhood auto sales   #FreeOfflineMarketingTips

Everyone has at least one friend who sells cars. Please forward this your friend the car salesman/saleswoman or share it on social media.

When someone buys a car from you there’s a way you can get postal addresses of their neighbors. Don’t worry I’ll tell you how.

Send a postcard

Someone in YOUR Neighborhood Just Bought a New Car!

From Your name
Your local auto dealership company name

Call us now to find out about our GREAT deals that made YOUR neighbor JUMP at this new car BEFORE anyone else could get it!

Your phone number, ask for (your name)

Put your smiling face on the postcard.

Now you have the keep up with the Jonses' affect and well as the band-wagon effect increasing your automobile sales in that neighborhood!

Here’s an example of a postcard I did for my onsite computer repair and maintenance business   

Here are directions to not only get neighborhood addresses, but import into a mailing list as well for easy label making.

Let me know what you think. Feel free to email me to my primary email address or Honolulu or all of Hawaii call or text me at 224.1870, mainland U.S.A. text Text 808.224.1870 if you’d like me to help you with online or offline marketing. The rest of the world email only to my primary email address


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Is Direct Mail Marketing Right For Your Small Business?

It’s likely that direct mail will work for your business if you implement it the correct way. Many marketers today are so focused on online advertising, however it’s been proven that people feel a deeper connection to marketing that is physical, such as direct mail.

Plus, unlike email marketing, which most find annoying, people actually enjoy receiving direct mail. Among U.S. respondents, 59% said that they enjoy getting postal mail from brands, and 70% feel that mail is more personal than the internet (Epsilon).

What Type of Direct Mail Piece is Most Effective?

The first step to creating your direct mail piece is deciding what type of mailer you want to send. Will it be a standard letter? Postcard? Physical item (also known as dimensional)?direct mail

According to research from the Data and Marketing Association, the response rate is typically higher for oversized envelopes versus letter-sized mailers. While you may be tempted to go with the type with the highest response rate, you always want to weigh the cost over the returns.

Which is right for you is going to depend on a few different factors:

How much you are willing to spend – For example, oversized mailers and catalogs will not only be more expensive to design and print, they are also more expensive to ship since they are heavier. We talk more about costs below.
The nature of your product or service – If you sell a more serious product (such as insurance), a letter may be more appropriate. If it’s more fun, you can create a colorful and eye-catching postcard.
Who you are selling to – You won’t need to give as much info about your business to past customers. If it’s a standard renewal, you can get away with a simple letter. New customers may need a bigger brochure so that they can learn more about you.
If you want to test out more expensive direct mail pieces, try it out first on a smaller and more targeted group so that you can measure how well it converts before sending it out to a wider audience. You can also consider including something physical in the mailer.

“If your direct mail has something that feels solid or is bulging in the envelope, the conversion rate will go way up, as we humans are very curious creatures. We need to know what’s in the packet.” – Amandeep Singh, Comparism
How to Write Direct Mail Copy That Converts

You want to have a single purpose for your direct mail piece. Often times the goal of a direct mail campaign is to get the recipient to buy a product or use a service. Other goals can be to send people to your website, get people to enter a contest, or let people know about an upcoming event. Knowing your goal will help you formulate what you want the direct mail piece to say. You also need to consider what the recipient stands to gain from the letter.

Once you have a handle on what people want, it’s time to write directly to that desire. We call that persuasive content “copy.” If you’re writing your own copy, it’s a good idea to follow a time-tested principle: AIDA.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. We will break it down with the example below from a delivery food service

direct mail
Example of great direct mail piece from Autopilot


The very first thing you must do in your copy is grab a person’s attention. A great way to grab attention is with an image. People are very visual, and a picture of a cute animal, attractive person or delicious looking food (like in this example) is a good way to do this.


Interest comes next and it’s where you discuss your customer’s problem and then present your business as the solution. Don’t get too wordy, but take a general approach on how your business can help that person.

Sprig does a great job with this. By saying “Delivered faster than you cook,” they are pointing out the problem (how long it takes to grocery shop for dinner) and the solution (delivering all ingredients to your door).


If you’ve captured the reader’s attention this far, now is the time for some serious selling. Be careful not to simply list features. You want to share the benefits of your product or service. For example, Sprig states that they’re simple, fresh and fast.


Once you’ve given your customers a reason (or many reasons) to consider you, it’s time to drive them to action. What would you like for them to do? Maybe you’d like for them to stop by soon or on a specific date, or set up an appointment? Lead them to the very next step that needs to happen as soon as they stop reading your mail.

Sprig completes this step by putting the call to action “claim your $15 off,” at the bottom of the postcard. This gives recipients a reason to go order now with their recently received coupon code.

3 Additional Tips When Creating Your Direct Mail Piece

John Sickmeyer
1. The First Step is Getting Recipients to Open the Letter

John Sickmeyer, Postali

In order for your campaign to be successful and for people to get your message, you have to convince them to open the letter in the first place. Try the following to increase open rates:

Use a real stamp as opposed to a permit stamp or a post office metered stamp.
Use a non windowed envelope.
Use convincing handwriting fonts for signatures, personalized notes or even addressing the mail.
Aaron Watts
2. Personalize Your Letter With a Signature

Aaron Watts, DuoCall Communications

Have the letter be personally signed off by someone of authority within your business; for example Managing Director. Doing this it adds a personal touch and makes the recipient far more receptive to your message.

Lisa Parziale
3. Use Psychology When Creating Your Promotional Offer

Lisa Parziale, Portside Marketing, LLC

If your average meal price is $20 – you may consider sending a coupon for 25% off of their meal. This seems great but if you instead use psychology in your offer, it will get a much better response. So instead of 25% off, make the coupon for $5 meal bucks or something similar. Instead of saying you have to spend money to redeem this coupon, you are saying this coupon is worth $5. Period. This is free money. You will see a much greater response.

Who To Target With Your Direct Mail Campaign

Now that you have your design ready to go, you need to create your mailing list. You have a two different options here:

1. Target Your Existing Customers

For most businesses it is way more cost effective to increase the business that you are doing with existing clients, than it is to gain a completely new client. The fact that your existing customers have already bought from you means that they know who you are, and have already trusted you enough to do business with you.

Sending them direct mail can be a great way to keep your business top of mind, and get them back for repeat sales.

Building Your In House Direct Mail List

In order to send direct mail to your existing clients, you will need their address and a way to store that information so it is easily accessible. If your clients are ordering online, then you will have their address as part of the transaction.

Businesses that deal with people in person need to get a little more creative. Here are some ideas on how to capture the address:

Ask when they checkout if they would like to leave their address for special deals and coupons.
Create a loyalty program
Run a contest
Request address for things like appointment booking, reservations, and warranties.
Have an event and request address to attend
Once you have their information you will need a way to store it. We recommend Insightly CRMfor this purpose. For more on Insightly read our article comparing the top CRM software.

2. Target New Customers

If you decide you want to try targeting new customers who have never purchased from you before, you want to make sure you are strategic about it.

The best way to figure out who to send to is to think about the characteristics of your existing clients. If you are a new business what you think your ideal client will look like:

Where do they live
What are their interests
What types of things do they buy
Income level
Political leanings
Religious beliefs
Once you have an understanding of who your customer is then you can look into acquiring a mailing list that includes that type of customer.

How to Acquire a Third Party Mailing List

The easiest way to send direct mail is using the USPS Every Door Direct Mail Service. This allows you to deliver to every address within a target area without having to know the names or addresses of the recipients.

The downside of Every Door Direct Mail Service is that, besides the location of the recipient, you don’t know anything else about them. If you would like to be able to further target the recipients based on other factors, then you will need to rent a third party mailing list. There are many places where you can go to purchase third party list that is tailored to your specific need. Experian, DirectMail, and InfoUSA being some of the more popular options.

How To Use Direct Mail Marketing Strategically

In order to get the greatest return on investment with direct mail marketing, it’s important to have a strategy in place. Here are a few things you want to think about:


“To be effective direct mail requires consistency. One and done campaigns have a high failure rate.” – Randy Mitchelson, iPartnerMedia, Inc.
Just like with any other form of advertising, you will need to hit people with your message more than once in order to maximize effectiveness. Your first send might pique their interest, but people are receiving mail at the same time they are getting home, and are facing many distractions. By consistently sending marketing messages, you increase the chance that they will convert.


Who you target is a major aspect of direct mail marketing. You will want to target different groups to see which audience is most receptive to direct mail pieces. Though some may think that older people are more likely to purchase from direct mail, studies show that millennials are just as, if not more eager to receive this type of marketing.

Multi-Channel Marketing

This means hitting people with your marketing message through multiple marketing channels in a short period of time.

“I amMarcus Miller a big believer in the intersection of online and offline marketing and this can be a big win with direct mail marketing. If you can provide users with a strong enough incentive to visit your website then you can then integrate follow up strategies like remarketing and email nurturing. As marketers we have to try and break down the wall between traditional advertising and digital as often that intersection is where the best results are.”

– Marcus Miller, Bowler Hat
How Much Does Direct Mail Marketing Cost?

Direct mail costs anywhere from 30 cents to more than $10 per person depending on how much you spend on design, marketing copy, mailing lists, printing, and distribution. You may not need to pay for all of these, but you will have to pay for at least printing and mailing.

For example, if you use Vistaprint’s direct mail service, the cost to print and mail 2,000 full color postcards to your own mailing list would be around $950.

Below, we go over each cost factor.

Design Costs ($0 – $100)

You have a few different options when it comes to designing your direct mail piece:

Do it yourself – If you just need something simple, like a renewal letter, you should be able to write something up in Microsoft Word, or design something for free on Canva.
Use a template – A good place to find templates is on Graphic River. These templates cost around $10 on average.
Hire a professional – If you need some help coming up with a creative design, hiring a professional is another option. The cheapest place to find someone is on a freelance site such as Fiverr or Upwork.
Marketing Copy Costs ($0 – $100)

Marketing copy is the persuasive content that is on your direct mail piece. You can write this yourself, or hire a copywriter to put a salesy spin on things. Copywriters are trained to write content that grabs the reader’s attention and entices them to buy products and services.

If you do decide to hire a professional to write your content, we recommend again using Upwork. You should be able to find someone there for around $100.

Mailing Lists Costs ($0 – $0.30 / record)

You can get free mailing lists by either using information that you already have on your current customers, or by doing a trade of your information with another business.

Otherwise, you will need to pay between .02-.30 cents per record. The cost will vary based on the quality of the data, how many records you buy, and how many times you can send to the list.

Printing Costs ($0.03 – $2.00 / person)

Printing costs will vary based on the following factors:

Black and white vs. color
Paper quality
Paper size
1 sided vs. 2 sided
Number of pages
The price of 1,000 double sided full color postcards will cost you around 22 cents per postcard at PSPrint. You can visit an online printing business to find out the exact cost for the type of printing you need to do.

Distribution Costs ($0.25 – $2.00 / piece)

The final cost consideration you must remember is mailing costs. The price fluctuates, depending on the current rate of postage, the amount of mail you send, and how much your mail weighs.

Following the same amount of 5000, your mailing costs will be:

For postcards: The rate is between .25¢ to .34¢.
For brochures and letters under 3.5 oz: The rate is between .38¢ to .44¢.
If you are sending a physical item, price will depend on weight. The cost to ship a mug, for example, will be around $2.

How To Measure Results

The last step in completing a successful direct mail campaign is measuring success. While noticing that sales increased during the time you were running the campaign, or that many people used the coupon code that was on your postcard provides a good thumb in the air estimate, it’s important to get a better grasp on how much revenue came directly from sending direct mail.

“It’s essential that your direct-mail campaign strategy includes a reasonable way to track responses. Otherwise even if your ultimate goals are met, the extent to which your direct-mail campaign was the cause can only be speculated.

— Simon A. Thalmann
Measuring if offline marketing efforts are successful is considerably more difficult than measuring online efforts. However, there are a few tactics you can use.

Include a Discount Code or Coupon

Include a discount code on your direct mail that is unique to the campaign. This way you will be able to track any online sales that came from your promotion. If the deal is for an in-store product or service, include a coupon that people can bring in. This is an easy way to track business that comes from your ad.

Use a Vanity URL

You can send people to a landing page on your website that has a URL that is specific to your direct mail campaign. You will then need your vanity URL to redirect to a tracking URL. Unfortunately, this will only be a useful measure of success if you are trying to drive traffic to your site. To learn how to do this, view this white paper by Brian Clifton explaining ways to track offline marketing. You can purchase your vanity URL here.

direct mail
Example of a postcard with vanity URL

Use a Call Tracking Number

You can create a number that is different from your everyday number. If someone calls your business using the tracking number that you use in your ad, you will know that they heard about you from the direct mail piece. Learn how to set this up here.

Ask Your Customers

If you are able to consult with customers one-on-one, ask any new clients how they heard about you. This will be trickier if you own a restaurant or clothing store since you won’t be able to track down every customer to ask how they heard about you. In these instances, consider asking customers to take a survey on every receipt. Offer an incentive (coupon, discount, etc.) to increase the chances that people will actually fill it out.

By having a general idea of how how much revenue is coming from your direct mail campaigns, you will know whether you should continue with this type of marketing, or if you should shift your efforts to other forms of advertising.

Bottom Line

Direct mail marketing is a great way for small businesses to market their products or services. Have you recently done a successful direct mail campaign? Let us know in the comments section below!

Ready to get started with direct mail, but don’t have the time to handle the busy work? You can use a direct mail service which will print, stamp and mail all of your letters. Click here to visit PsPrint and save yourself some valuable time with your next mass mailing.



How to Find Addresses of a Neighborhood for Mailings #OffLineMarketingTools

Probably much like you, I have clients in certain neighborhoods who are more likely able to afford my services. So I began researching how find addresses of neighborhoods. Once again, much like my free list of marketing, advertising and promotion sites , I'm saving you precious time so you can make more money with your business.

The White Pages online turned out to be the free answer for me and may be for you.

Directions to Getting Neighborhood Addresses in White Pages Online,13.0.html#.PleaseCopyFromThisLinkUpToShareWithSocialGroups

Go to The White Pages

Click inside the search box

Go back to the top click address

Type in the address of a client

Clicked search

You'll see some addresses already with names apartment numbers and other important information when you click on the address.

If only map shows up click on list. This happened on my cell phone but, doesn’t seem to happen on a computer. Screen size may be a factor.

Now scroll down and click +More Show more neighbors. In an apartment building it will state residents instead.

You now have a list of addresses for that neighborhood!

Don't Use The Names for Your Mailing

The residents don't seem to be up to date.

Okay Hold On I Know What You're Thinking…

You need this list in a csv format so you can import this into a spreadsheet or database for a mailing list so you can print labels. Well my nickname isn't The Automation Man for nothing! As you read this I'm currently writing on an program to parse addresses and write them to a downloadable csv file you can use to import into a mailing list program. 

Addendum: Kirkham's Neighborhood Mailing List Parser to CSV is Finished!

I Can Post members may now use the neighborhood mailing list generator for free! Your final steps to use the program from the above directions is to copy the source into the program.

From Google Chrome or most any other internet browser

Right mouse click on the page with your neighborhood mailing list

Left mouse click on source or view source whatever your browser calls it

On your keyboard select ctrl a to select all or command a on a Mac.

On your keyboard select ctrl c to copy the source to the clipboard or command c on a Mac

I Can Post members click here to prove your I Can Post members and click the link inside the post to get to the program. If you’re not an I Can Post member you’ll be redirected to these directions.

Click inside the box for source

On your keyboard press ctrl v to paste the source into the box or command v for a Mac.

Place the city, state and zip code in the appropriate boxes

Click submit

Download the generated csv (comma separated value)

Import the file into a spreadsheet or mailing list program

The csv file is not saved so download it right away.

Free Marketing and Mailing List Tip

Avery label makers has a free program online to import your mailing list and print your mailing labels.

Kirkham’s Online Neighborhood Address Parser is Free

To all members of the I Can Post group of OnLineOffLinePromotions.

Some Benefits of Joining The I Can Post Group

The I Can Post group not only allows you to add your ad to the forum section of the website, it also;

Provides FREE ebooks, software, applications and other marketing tools for all I Can Post members to which I am constantly adding.

Social media buttons to the left of your unlimited posts, articles and advertisements.

Build a following. This professional marketing site has ability for all members of any group to subscribe to your advertisement for updates.

Unlimited posts for your advertisements, marketing and promotions (no adult or drug promotions).

Email posts to non-members of the website.

Now I’d Like to Talk to The Real Business People

All of these benefit including the unlimited posting of your advertisements and the free marketing tools costs $2.00 per month.

If, considering you’re reading this now and are therefore interested in one of these services I Can Post members receive, you are unwilling to invest $2.00 per month in your business for PERMANENT marketing ads and backlinks plus all the ever growing list of free tools and services -

(Straight Talk)

You do not have a business. You have a hobby. Come back when you’re serious about your business.

Still Here? Here’s How to Use The Mailing List Service and Get Access to Free Marketing Tools

Along with the directions above


Wait for the email to arrive. Check your spam filter if it doesn't arrive within a reasonable period of time

Open the email. Click the link inside the email to activate your account. This helps to deal with spam bots sorry for the extra step.


Go to your Profile

Go to Subscriptions

Join the I Can Post Group to add your permanent marketing ad for only $2.00 per month. Cancel anytime and your PERMANENT AD STAYS!

After joining the I Can Post members group Click Here for Access to The Amazing Marketing Promotional List I use and keep up to date weekly. A $9.95 Value!

Build your neighborhood mailing list by clicking here

Questions? Email me


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Passing PHP form variables from one page to other.

Note from Rick "The Automation Man" Kirkham: I ran across this and thought it may be helpful for intermediate programmers and website designers. Of course you could always just hire me for programming and website design.

PHP Form, Tutorials php form variables

Multi-page forms using hidden input fields

Hidden input fields are form fields that are not visible. The user can’t see or change these fields, and they are used to transmit state information between different pages. Let’s use hidden fields to transport our data across our form, to the final processing script.
We start with the same form for step 1:

<form method="post" action="form2.php">
    <input type="text" name="name">
    <input type="text" name="email_address">
    <input type="submit" value="Go To Step 2">
Ok, so nothing more than 2 input fields and a submit button to take us to step 2. In the following page, apart from the HTML form to gather membership data, we are going to need code to store the submitted data from step 1 in the session.

<form method="post" action="form3.php">
<input type="radio" group="membership_type" value="Free">
<input type="radio" group="membership_type" value="Normal">
<input type="radio" group="membership_type" value="Deluxe">
<input type="checkbox" name="terms_and_conditions">
<input type="hidden" name="name"
value="<?php echo $_POST['name']; ?>">
<input type="hidden" name="email_address"
 value="<?php echo $_POST['email_address']; ?>">
<input type="submit" value="Go To Step 3">
Please note that although the hidden fields are not visible to the visitor, they are visible in source of the page, so you must not use them to store critical information.

Now our form contains all the data entered so far, which we are going to post to the third part of the form.

<form method="post" action="form_process.php">
<input type="text" name="name_on_card">
<input type="text" name="credit_card_number">
<input type="text" name="credit_card_expiration_date">
<input type="hidden" name="name"
 value="<?php echo $_POST['name']; ?>">
<input type="hidden" name="email_address"
 value="<?php echo $_POST['email_address'];
<input type="hidden" name="membership_type"
 value="<?php echo $_POST['membership_type']; ?>">
<input type="hidden" name="terms_and_conditions"
  value="<?php echo $_POST['terms_and_conditions]; ?>">
<input type="submit" value="Finish">
Now that we have all our fields available, let’s proceed to the form processing.

//let's create the query
$insert_query = "insert into subscriptions (".
") values (".
"'" . $_POST['name'] . "', ".
"'" . $_POST['email_address'] . "',".
"'" . $_POST['membership_type'] . "',".
"'" . $_POST['terms_and_conditions'] . "',".
"'" . $_POST['name_on_card'] . "',".
"'" . $_POST['credit_card_number'] . "',".
"'" . $_POST['credit_card_expiration'] ."' )";
//let's run the query
And that’s it. Please note that this time, we have all the data available in the $_POST array.

A good idea would be to use form validation for each step of the form, so you don’t end up with incomplete data in the database.

Now you know two methods of creating multipart forms, to create better user-experience for your visitors.


Free List of Forums Social Media Sites Article Submission Sites for Free Advertising and Marketing    

What Makes This Advertising and Marketing List of Forums, Social Media Sites and Article Submission Sites Different Than The List You Find On Websites?

I use it every week! Believe me when I tell you I've copied and pasted with great excitement huge lists of

Free advertising forums

Social media sites

Article submission sites

List your business directories  (Yes I have some of those for you as well)

Only to find out half or more were no good, closed down or redirected to a new website that was no help at all.

Addendum: As an example I was just going through an online list of video sharing site which stated it was for THIS YEAR! More than half of them were no good. So by sharing with you a list of marketing sites I use weekly,  I'm saving you a bunch of time and frustration!

Here's Something Else I Did and Some Advice to Save You and Me Time

I used Google Chrome to remember the usernames and passwords for all the sites. That way if my login has timed out it takes just a couple seconds for Google Chrome to populate my username and password. I click login AND THEN…

Whenever possible the link in my advertising and marketing sites list goes directly to the submission page! The less clicks the less time busy marketers and business people such as ourselves have to spend advertising. Don't forget to interact with other members though. Prospective buyers are more likely to buy from someone they know.

Notes along the side for you and me. I don't have the greatest memory in the world and some of you may not either. The notes are good reminders as to specifics for that particular marketing and advertising website.

Google Sheet format in Google Drive! This makes accessibility from any device easy. All you need is a free Google account. If you have a Gmail account you have a Google account. It also makes it very easy for me to edit. I’m always finding new social media or article submission sites.

Comments to the Google Sheet are open. On my copy comments are open in case you have any suggestions or have discovered a closed site even before I find it.

What Types of Marketing and Advertising Sites Are On The List Rick

Free advertising forums
Social media
Public bookmarks
Backlink generators (found one really good free one)
Business listing directories
Article submission sites
Author listings for ebooks
Video and photo uploading sites

My Focus is On Permanent Backlinks

Once in a great while I post to classified sites. The problem I have with posting to them is I have to renew the ads usually about every two weeks. I’m just too busy for that and I don’t get that much of a return on classifieds to set aside time for that. Permanent links will help us with our search engine ranking and increase sales from those who find our permanent backlinks.

Some backlinks such as Facebook have nofollow tags. That means it doesn’t necessarily help with search engine ranking. It’s big enough however to help you build your mailing list and increase traffic to your own website. Here's a free tip. Facebook groups and pages can be found on the internet.  If you don't know how to make them just hire me.

Ok Rick, How Do I Get This Marketing and Advertising List?

This weekly used marketing and advertising list is free for I Can Post members of and   
Wait for the automated email to arrive with the approval link inside
Registering is easy just watch the video if you’ve never joined a forum or blog   
Click Profile
Click Paid Subscripts
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It’s actually pretty simple if you just watch the video

Once You Join The I Can Post Group to Any of These Websites Get Your Free Marketing and Advertising List Here By…

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On ListYourEbooks click here for your FREE Marketing and Promotions List and for other free marketing tools.
On OnlineOfflinePromotions click here for your FREE Marketing and Promotions List and for other free marketing tools.

Rick can I just get my own copy of this clickable marketing list spreadsheet?

Sure. You won’t get any updates that way unless you reclick your link and create a new copy in your Google Drive, but it’s $9.95

To post to is only $5.00 per month for permanent advertising. That means your marketing is not deleted when you leave. The same for and that’s only $2.00 per month for permanent advertising.

As long as you’re members of one of the forum style websites with LOADS of free advertising tools you have access to an up to date version of this constantly updated marketing list.

Advertise and market smart.


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

General Directions to Joining The I Can Post Group in Any of My Powerful Forum Backed Websites

Post your permanent marketing ads then promote with the free tools for social media sites and more. Free gets you free results. Market and promote on these professional websites.


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Begin using the social media buttons and the list of up to date promotions sites to which ALL I Can Post members have access

When You Post Free Ads to Facebook DO NOT… by internet business development expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.  #WorkFromHome #InternetMarketing
Actually when you post free ads to Facebook, Craigslist or anywhere else DO NOT commit internet marketing suicide by posting subdomain links.
What is a Subdomain Rick?,7.msg7   
Share this informative article with your social networking groups by copying and pasting from the link up. SPREAD THE WORD!
A subdomain is a website address dependent on another website address. Direct sales, MLM and network marketing companies often offer subdomains. Example of a subdomain. This is one of mine.   
I know what I just said, but I also own the main domain and since I'm a business owner with a family and not a big bureaucratic company with stockholders, I'm not going to screw over my paid subscribers by changing the main domain name. Example of a main domain name. Look at the subdomain example above and now look at the main domain (website address)   
Okay Rick, I See The Difference, But Why is It Marketing Suicide?
I've been in computer since 1993. I've watched the internet, internet marketing and websites grow and develop into what they are today. I've seen two MLM companies I belonged to and one direct sales company to which I still belong CHANGE THEIR DOMAINS!
This has a direct effect on anyone that was promoting Months or even years of advertising completely gone. Furthermore you're promoting the same products and services in the same way as everyone else. YOU'VE GOT TO STAND OUT!
Rick! My Time is Too Valuable to Lose It. What Can I Do?
Just to not lose your marketing and advertising time you can promote your own website address. Now just for saving time YOU DO NOT NEED a website. Just the website address. For example   
Actually redirects to   
You can do this with your own website address and direct it to your subdomain. It's cheaper than a website (although as an automated SEO and automated income website designer I highly recommend your own website) and it can be directed to your subdomain on your mlm, direct sales or network marketing page the company provided for you. Now, if your MLM, direct sales or networking marketing company changes it's website address, instead of playing catch up and trying change ALL YOUR advertisements (if you can), you just go into your back office (cpanel) and change where your website address redirects!
Don't Leave! If You're Confused Hold On...
I can also do this and manage it for you. Your initial investment for your own website address to direct to your mlm, direct sales or network marketing company page is $30.00 plus a $2.95 monthly investment for me to manage redirects for you. This makes it very easy for you. You just contact me   and I'll do whatever you tell me. 
Click here. After your initial setup fee you'll be directed to a form.     

Cancel your subscription at anytime.

For copy and paste purposes. Of course you can always just hire me for coding.

Code: [Select]
$css='<style type="text/css" media="screen">'."\n";

$css.='a:link { color:navy; text-decoration: underline; }'."\n";

$css.='a:hover {color:cyan;text-decoration:underline;background:green;}'."\n";

$css.='body '."\n";

$css.='    {background-color: #FFFF99;'."\n";


Use that for auto-generated pages which for some reason you do not want to have an external css file.


Create Permanent Backlinks with This Online Service #IncreaseWebsiteTraffic

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The most powerful automated permanent backlink builder on the internet.

I use this program myself and through my tracking have found links built on both Google and Bing. This is a perfect program for the internet marketing working from home with little time to promote products.

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I'm very frugal. I don't like to spend money, but I bought the Premium Membership and I suggest it for all serious, but busy internet marketers who are working from home.


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.,5.msg5.html#.ShareThisToSocialGroupsByCopyingFromHereUp

Note from Rick Kirkham: I found this article on offline marketing and thought it was perfect for my new website. Many people who have online businesses do not consider marketing offline. If you don't, you're losing money!

Everyone can afford to market their business with these easy budget-friendly methods.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 Don't skip out on marketing because you think you can't afford it. You can't afford to fail at marketing, so use these budget-friendly ideas to build your business.
1. Get promotional business cards

made by a discount printing service. Leave them everywhere, hand them out to everyone. The business cards should offer a specific discount or coupon code to be used on your website or in your store. (Track how many are used.)
Looking for more on cash flow?
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2. Collect e-mail addresses and send out e-mail newsletters,

promotions, or updates (depending on your customers and what they'll like). The only cost initially is your time; once you get past a certain number of subscribers, you'll need to pay for a service. Still, not costly.
3. Donate some of your products

or services to a charitable event.
4. Get a magnetic sign made for your company car.

For the one-time cost of the sign, your business name will be on display everywhere you drive. (Don't cut people off.)
5. Hire a teenager to stand by the road and hold up your sign.

You'll invest in the cost of the sign plus minimum wage for a couple of hours a day, during the busiest traffic time. See if you can't get one new client for each day of sign-holding.
6. Buy someone's dinner

(or soda, if you can't afford more than $1). Then give them a business card. Then walk away (no sales pitch!).
7. Offer a free class or seminar,

print up a flyer and put that flyer up at every community bulletin board you can find in the area. These bulletin boards often won't allow businesses to put up advertisements, but will promote free educational seminars and classes.
8. Go to any community event and give away balloons.

Have them printed with your business name, if you like. 250 custom printed balloons will run you around $100. Helium tank rental will cost $45 to $60. Happy kids with a free balloon equals happy parents. Happy parents can become happy customers. That's less than $1/each per new potential happy customer.
9. Donate magazines and books to any business with a waiting area

(doctor, dentist, government offices, so on). Make sure your business address label is on the front, or stamp the inside cover with your business name and information.
10. Contribute expert articles to local publications.

Contact the editor to get started; write an article so they can see your writing style and that you know what you're talking about, and share your credentials so they know you're qualified.
11. Create tip sheets on your area of expertise;

this could be a one or two-sided piece of paper filled with helpful tips from you, the expert. Put your logo and business information somewhere on there, of course. People like reading tips, and they like getting free stuff. Hand them out, pass them out, mail them out.
12. Do a demo.

If you don't have retail or office space to hold a public demonstration yourself, get in touch with a related business that could benefit from some publicity. Host or co-host a public demonstration of your service or product. Let local newspapers know and be sure it's on all the community calendars.
13. Create a referral program for your existing customers;

they get a free product or coupon or reward of some kind for every new customer they send your way.
14. Send hand-written thank you notes.

Include a $X dollars off your next purchase coupon.
15. Send hand-written "We Miss You" notes.

Review your “best customer” list and contact the ones you haven't seen or heard from in a while.
16. Hold a contest;

it doesn't have to directly relate to your business. It could be something seasonal, like a "Karaoke Christmas Carol Contest."
17. Participate in local contests

by donating your product or service as a prize.
18. If you've got great office, warehouse or retail space,

allow community organizations and non-profits to use it for events.
19. Participate in online forums related to your business.

Offer helpful advice, solutions and insight. Don't spam. Don't pitch. Just be helpful.
20. Hang out where "your people" hang out.

Know your target market? Know where they hang out? You should be there. Meet people. Talk. Be a cool person.
21. Write good reviews for local businesses.

Local businesses love positive reviews, and the more they have on the Internet, the better. So help out your local businesses by being a good customer, then getting online and writing about your experiences. You'll gain favor from your fellow business owners and potential customers who are researching local businesses will keep seeing your name pop up.
22. Go over-the-top with your holiday decor.

It doesn't have to be tacky, just big and bright, and bold enough to be noticed.
23. Hire the local high school cheerleaders

to cheer in front of your business for a few hours on the weekend.
24. Offer free hot cocoa, coffee and cider on cold days.

Make a big sign and put it in the front window. Be clear that the free beverages are for everyone, not just paying customers (that's how you get new customers).
25. Purchase a good, top-selling business book in bulk.

This one's a bit costlier, but can make a big impact if you're in a B2B business. Inscribe each one with a personal message (e.g., "Dear Bob, I found this book insightful and thought you might like it. Please let me know if I can help you with XYZ Service. Sincerely, Me"). Send the books to business owners and managers.
Annie Mueller is a freelance writer based in St. Louis. She covers small business topics with a focus on lean/zero budget startups, business blogging and simple (sane) ways business can use social media without selling their souls to Facebook. Her work can be seen online at Investopedia's Financial Edge blog, Young Entrepreneur, Wise Bread, Organic Authority, Modern Mom, and her own site, Find her on Twitter: @AnnieMueller.


Not having time to contact your website promotion expert means you have an even greater need to call your website promotion expert.


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