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How I Automatically Changed a Table of Contents Menu for My Websites by Rick “The Automation Man” Kirkham ComputerHelp808@gmail.com

I work hard to be lazy and to help others be lazy while marketing, advertising and promoting in my ability to write online automated apps for my programming, website clients and myself. So I knew it was time to compile all of my services and products into one web page and use it on all of my websites and web pages, BUT, I HAD A PROBLEM...!

What Wasn’t My Problem

Getting the content into a variable and calling it to the web page takes two lines of code. I’m telling you folks, onlines programs such as WordPress and the free menu driven websites ARE LIMITING what is possible to do with websites. Please stop buying into the hype of expensive advertising and bandwagon advertising and consult an expert such as myself in automation and website design. Your time is money.

Code: [Select]





That’s all that takes! I actually use something called curl but, for the purposes of demonstrating simplicity I'm using a single line command.

So What Was My Problem?

I wanted prospective customers to be able to visit the whole page of services. The problem was the page had to be pretty plain looking to fit in the right side column (using something called a floating div) and it looked horribly unprofessional in full view. Yes even worse than the free website generators you see that are popular right now.

So I used a code to read the url which is the website address. I figured since the menu of products and services was on a different web page I could use the difference to determine whether or not design and graphics would appear. IT DIDN’T WORK!

So I Used an Old Trick to Track Your Online Marketing and Advertising

I placed a ?blah at the end of the website address when I was calling it from another web page. Now when my script compared the two urls they were different and the menu on the side was plain text while the stand-alone web page menu of services contained graphics, videos and some style work.

Why Didn’t I Just Make Two Copies of The Same Menu?

Because there’s no reason to do twice the work!

Because confusion as to which web page was the latest is possible.

Because the menu could be found accidentally on search engines. Like I said it looked horrible plain in full view.

Because my programming and website design clients call me “The Automation Man”

That’s It!

Your lesson, hopefully, in this is to take advantage of the FULL POWER of your REAL non-subdomained website and utilize your time to create new products and service AND to market offline while letting automation take care of your website design,content, marketing, advertising, and promotion.

Enjoy your website and spare time,



Rick “The Automation Man” Kirkham.

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