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The Cheap Yet Effective Solution to Automated SEO by sales-psychology expert, online and offline marketing consultant, SEO and local SEO specialist, author, automation expert and website designer and builder J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.  ComputerHelp808@gmail.com #FreeSEOTips #Custom5DollarWebsites #WebDesign

Tight Budget?
Or Just Need to Fill In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Marketing Gaps?
Your Solution is Below!

On topic backlinks to your website remains a consistent way to increase your search engine rankings for your website above your competitors websites, but,


That, is where my latest website design steps in to solve your problem.

The $5.00 Per Month Solution!

This is a GREAT solution for those on a tight budget OR for just filling in your search engine ranking and marketing gaps.

Features of The $5.00 Per Month SEO Website

Domain name (website address)

Keyworded to help get high in the search engines.

For example, if your domain is your business name, but you may be a small business without the benefit of national advertising to help gain brand-name recognition, decreasing the chances of someone searching for your business name, a keyworded domain name (website address) is your perfect solution. This works for offline and online businesses, but let’s say you’re a plumber and your business name is Rick Kirkham’s Plumbing (that’s me and I’m not a plumber). No one’s going to look for RickKirkhamPlumbingdotcom.

If I have a unique service of being open 24 hours a day, some quick SEO research indicates emergency plumbing is searched quite a bit. Add your area to that for Local SEO and we have EmergencyPlumbingHonoluludotcom. I haven’t looked to see if that domain is available, but if someone is using it good job on the research!

The Front Web Page

Will have a keyword rich description and sales pitch for your business. Yes I still have to sell them on why they should do business or buy from you after you, your product or service, is found on the search engines.

Links to your main website AND your contact information will be on the front page of your SEO website as well.

Social Media Buttons

For simple social promotions and marketing. If you’re main website is not setup to easily share your front web page and on-topic content and articles, you’re losing the chance for visitors to market and advertise for you and THEREFORE you are LOSING MONEY!

Automated On-Topic Content for SEO and Visitor Stickiness

The keyword adjusted titles go along the side of your front web page.

Automatically generated web pages with on-topic content whose URL (website address) contains the title. These auto-generated web pages is one of the reasons I only have to charge $5.00 per month. I use on-topic articles submitted to article sites to create content. These generated pages will ALSO have a link to your main website.

Index of generated articles WITH keyword phrase added to the titles to help increase search engine ranking.

Automatically generated RSS feed for automatic promotions to social media. All this automation is why I’ve been given the nickname “The Automation Man”, because I have the skills to write applications to automate what most people have to do by hand AND charge a lot more money because they have to do it by hand!

Slide in feature available at no charge to increase your following or subscriber list. This slide in feature CANNOT be ignored by your visitors. The slide in feature is included on your front web page AND all the on-topic content auto-generated web pages as well. Why? Because we do not know which web page the potential buyer will land on first. You may only have one chance with this visitor for further contact thus I increase your chances of a sale with this slide in feature.

Double Opening Link

To articles opening your primary website page first! After your prospect opens the auto-generated web page with the article link, your prospective buyer gets one last chance to buy your product or service before finally leaving your Auto-SEO Website. Don’t worry the next tab contains the promised article. I didn’t place it in a frame for two reasons. When your prospect finally gets to the article I want you separated from content you did not write yourself. It will be obvious it’s not personally written content since it goes to a different website. The other reason is frames are not very friendly to mobile devices. About 50% of your prospective buyers and repeat buyers will be looking at your website with their cell phones.

Room Below The Article Title  for an Additional Offer in Banner Form

This will give you an additional income from pay per click advertising (PPC) or an on-topic affiliate product. It will not help or hurt your search engine ranking, but will help you to make more money online WITHOUT taking more of your time. This is called a passive income stream.

My Goal

Is to help you reach more prospective buyers with my God given and experience based talents.

So fill in the SEO gaps or even create your first stand alone, independent website by clicking here to get started!. Remember, thought, with no action, only maintains.   

J. Richard B.Sc.
Primary email
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