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Great New Automated Service to Market Your Products and Services
« on: November 19, 2017, 06:50:35 AM »
Great New Automated Service to Market Your Products and Services]  by sales-psychology expert, online and offline marketing consultant, SEO and local SEO specialist, author, automation expert and website designer and builder J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.  ComputerHelp808@gmail.com

I'm going to help you conquer the enemy of the business person.


If you have a WordPress site or a forum, you have an RSS feed. This feed is a great marketing tool for you when you use it right. It allows other websites to post a title and clips of your posts that are on your own WordPress site or forum WITH a link back to the rest of your article or sales web page. There are even online services that will post your RSS feed to social media!

Sounds Great Rick! How Do I Take Advantage of This Built In Feature?

The easiest way is to pay someone who uses RSS feeds a lot and is very familiar with using them to market and promote products and services such as myself to market your products and services. Like I said, I'm going to help you defeat your enemy time, not increase your learning curve!

Where is My RSS Feed Rick?

YourWordPressSitedotcom/feed Now when you look at it, unless you're using Firefox or Internet Explorer, all you see is a bunch of text and code. There are programmers like me (not as good at automation as me :-) ) who write codes to turn this text into


Leading back to your website. Backlinks help to increase your search engine rankings making it easier for prospective buyers to find you with keyword phrases they type into search engines such as Google to find your website. The number of backlinks leading to your website is a factor in a search engine’s algorithm to determine search ranking. A little geeky I know, but you get the idea I know what I'm talking about.

Some websites, such as WordPress and Blogger, have built in functions to read RSS feeds into text and links and place them on the web page. Other websites such forums (this powerful, established format is in my area of expertise) have addons and mods which can automatically post RSS feeds. Unlike WordPress a forum will treat each link as a separate post. Each title, description and link can then be “dripped” into the forum over a set period of time increasing content slowly and stickiness which, means visitors come back to your website increasing the chances of those returning visitors buying from you.

Okay Rick, I’m Very Busy But Want to Make More Money Through My Website. What Do I Do?

I’m only charging a one time fee of $20.00 to set your feed up to automatically post to social media. Specifically you have a choice of three.

Google Plus

You may pick up to three.

This Isn’t Worth My Time to Make a Form

Look for serious business people such as you and me, $20.00 is nothing. Further there’s not going to be enough of you who think outside of the box enough to see the value of using a built in RSS feed. So I’m not going t bother making a form for you to fill out if you happen to be someone who wants to:

Be different
Stand out
Get noticed

In your business. Most of you are failing at trying to follow some scheme that some MLM company or internet marketing guru sold you for some cardboard cut out plan EVERYONE else is doing and I’m not going to waste my breath or my time trying to convince those people to think outside the box.

So if you happen to be one of those few who do think outside the box, click the link below to pay for my time in doing this for you to save you marketing time


Then email me at computerhelp808@gmail.com

Whatever social media you want me to link to I’ll need your username and password. You may then change your password once I’m finished or rely on my Christian ethics and poor memory. Give me up to three days and I don’t work weekends.

That’s It

I’m not taking up anymore time on this for the few of you who want to stand out and save time at the same time.


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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